Lucknow cab driver slapping incident shows that young indian women are often violent making it difficult to hire them

While a few decades ago, most young women were well behaved, would not slap a man who was a complete stranger to her, the Lucknow cab driver slapping incident featuring priyadarshini on republic tv, shows that young women are often violent, beating up people at the slightest provocation, breaking their mobile, making it difficult to hire them or work with them.
The lucknow case is not the exception, goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan has also threatened to bash up the domain investor if she spots her on the road, and her sister purvi has threatened to kill her
So when the domain investor finds the young goan sisters in the area, she does everything to avoid them, since she does not know what will make them angry, and she does not want to waste her time and suffer from injuries if she is bashed up by the young women
Earlier being gentle and kind were qualities appreciated in indian society, today, today being aggressive, greedy and ruthless are the only quality appreciated by the government and society, which ruthless cheats and exploits kind, honest and polite women