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Bluebio - Aquatic flora and fauna, ecosystem, biosphere
Keeping fish, plants in an aquarium, fish food, precautions
Water covers a large section of the earths surface and a large variety of plants, animals and other living creatures flourish in the water. Though people like to spend time on the beach on a holiday and blue seas, swimming can be dangerous if water currents exist, and marine fauna like jellyfish and sharks can be dangerous to human life. Those interested in keeping a pet at home, will find that keeping fish will be the easiest option requiring a relative low investment and less effort. However even keeping fish in an aquarium can be a complex task, as several factors have to be considered like
Bowl or aquarium tank
Plants for the tank
Water pump
Fish selection - Goldfish, zebrafish, angelfish, discus and others
Fish food
Cleaning the tank, water changing
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